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Kantha Quilts

Our exclusive range of Kantha Quilts display a rich amalgamation of designer motifs and colourful patterns that distinctively exemplify the inner aspirations, self expressions and skills of the proficient artisans. This elegant home decor items serve as sentimental objects that have their roots entrenched within the traditional human culture. The presence of rich beautiful “Kantha Stitches” which is often referred to as running stitches add up to the texture quality and design of the quilts. This distinctive stitching pattern portrays a unique a unique rhythm that serves as a visual signature of the artisans.

Exclusive Handcrafts at its Best

As a renowned designer, manufacturer and supplier of elite handcrafts, we adhere to the tradition of combining precise artistry and functionality, with an objective to infuse variety and innovation within all the products. Setting up a consolidated manufacturing set up besides, bringing together a skilled group of artisans, has helped us to deliver an extensive collection of exclusive handcrafted home decor items and accessories that effortlessly epitomize elegance, beauty, quality and ethnicity.

Exclusive Handcrafts was established with a view to bring significant commercial and social benefits to the entire artisan settlements. Down the line, we have not only evolved as forum that showcases exquisite handcrafts but we have also developed as an instrument through which local artisans get to connect with a much wider global audience. We do not believe in selling our handcrafts as mere objects but we consider them as ideal memoirs that speak about the rich culture and traditions.  

Our Featured Products

We offer several handmade products for sale. Among them few of the prominent ones include:-

Handcrafted Scarves

We offer a wide assortment of handmade scarves which are exclusively manufactured by keeping the stylish shoppers in mind. This category includes a variety of items like Pashmeena scarf, Cotton scarf, Summer scarf, 100 % Silk Scarves, Cashmere and many more. The scarves are exclusively handcrafted by proficient artisans who infuse high level of precision while designing. Quality fabrics and rich color selection makes these scarves an ideal accessory for several occasions.

We consider “Beauty and Elegance” to be the thread that unites all our handcrafts, however all the products come in various colors, forms and sizes. Diversity is a significant trait that makes us a hallmark of quality and distinctive products. Our business framework rests on the foundation of excellence and distinctiveness; thus, once you are here, stay assured to get original and exquisite handcrafts at exceptional price rates.

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